Friday, December 7, 2007


What happened to the last blog that I already wrote to?
Anyway, I used the clickers with approximately 35 students and two different units. I had 20 questions for each unit and did the questions as a review before the exam. The students did enjoy the using the clickers and did like this form of review......they want me to make the questions more difficult as they are on their exam. ( I will do this when I have the time.)
I will use the clickers again.
I will not use the timer in each slide. It took too long and was not necessary. It is easier to just move on when the students have all answered and the teacher has finished discussion with the questions.
My only problem was technology.........some of the questions in the powerpoint did not have the smiley face come up on the correct answer. Maybe it was my fault in the original set up. I will go through each slide and check.

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