Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mission Accomplished

I created a plagiarism awareness presentation. Who would think a lesson on plagiarism would engage three EBS classes?!!

By using a mix of answerable and "food for thought" questions, I feel that my students have a better understanding of what is right. In one class 60% fessed up to having plagiarized and slightly lower numbers in the other two. The anonymity allowed them to discuss views without admitting their own moral shortcomings! I hope to polish this up as an extension of what I did previously for my Plagiarism Awareness Committee. I also would love to see students design their own questionnaires.

The design process took some struggle with the different PowerPoint years. My PC has 2003 so I converted to 2007, but then the labs wouldn't recognize the newer. Thankfully Amarjit, winded but quite cheerfully literally ran to the rescue to Tech.(I'm sorry I can't remember who else came that first day). The second time she and Manny came as well. There was an interface problem but this was rectified.

If I can learn to do this better, without the glitches, I would like to use this for other lessons. It truly is a wonderful tool.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Clickers in the Classroom

We began class this morning with five slides. The material consisted of current events that have been discussed in the classroom and are also available in the web-enhanced material in the form of Discussions or Web Links. The students felt comfortable since it was anonymous. They loved it and enjoyed the interactive aspects of this technology as well as the fact it was something new and different.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clickers in the Classroom

I used the ARS 'Clickers in the Classroom' technology for the first time in class this week. Creating the slides in Turning Point was easy and all ran smoothly on this first try. The students were very pleased with the series of 5 questions which reviewed the content presented. I can see the value of this technology for classroom assessement and will definitely continue to use it.